Uni app

Rethinking communication for students

Uni app is a project concentrated on major obstacles with communication and task management at universities.

The challenge was to examine actual solutions, analyse student needs, and rethink tools by embedding only the most necessary ones.
Research was conducted by concept testing (online surveys) to gather all the necessary insights and evaluate idea. The second approach was to learn users' habits and everyday activities regarding studying and productivity.
In the concept testing phase took part in numerous universities from Europe and the USA, both students and teachers were excited about the outcome and willingly shared the surveys among their mates.
Problems to solve based on surveys
1/ High chance of missing announcements
2/ Using social media for communication causes distraction
3/ No ability to communicate in an easy and quick way
4/ Need to for bulk functionality, optimize processes by automation
5/ Need to be simple and lightweight, well-designed UX
Uni app provides personalized panels both for students and teachers. But in general, the app is divided into 5 principal modules.
Both usability and user interface were supposed to be simple and functional, by removing everything which could interrupt productivity.
Increasing productivity
Investigating habits helped in creating a more humane design, based on psychology rules e.g. displaying deadline bar that helps with reducing procrastination.
The mall-big improvements
It's better to deploy small improvements rather than reinvent the wheel. That said uni app takes advantage of already known social media patterns, at the same time facilitating access to most common features like adding tags for easy search.

I believe, better education will help make our world a better place to live 🌍

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